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Baby's Clutch

Right to Life

I support the right to life, and I support putting more legal restrictions on abortion. I urge the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade so that states could enforce meaningful restriction on abortion. No one should be deprived of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Hunter Aiming Rifle

Right to Bear Arms

The 2nd amendment is clear and I support it. I oppose any attempt to infringe on the basic American right to keep and bear arms. I also seek to uphold our responsibility to keep our children and communities safe from people who seek to do us harm.


Illegal Immigration

I support a merit-based system for legal immigration. Under a merit-based system, we can decide how many legal immigrants our economy needs and how many we can successfully assimilate. National security and the well-being of Americans must come first.

Teacher Helping Student


The future of our nation depends on the quality of education. I believe in school choice and that the federal government has no place in education. We must return the function of education to the states. I oppose any effort to bailout the college loan program.



I support efforts to repeal Obamacare and to replace it with a more patient-centered system so patients and doctors can collaborate. Massive government intervention into healthcare has resulted in poorer healthcare service and out of control costs.


Spending and Taxes

I oppose any increase in taxes and would support reducing federal spending to combat our $22 trillion national debt. Runaway federal spending cannot continue and the federal budget must be balanced. I will support tax adjustments that reduce taxes overall.


I believe we must bring our roads, rails, seaports, airports, and water and sewer systems up to par. My experience working for the North Carolina Dept. of Transportation has shown me how much infrastructure affects our state and its ability to function efficiently.

Term Limits

I support a constitutional amendment to implement term limits. Elected office is a public service, not a right or a job. We need more public servants and fewer politicians. I believe one of the best ways to prevent corruption is to stop career politicians.


No democracy can survive without a foundation of individual virtues. I support our nation's long held values and traditions, including the roles of traditional marriage, families, and charities. Religious freedom is under attack and we must defend it.

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